SFW-06 Seyco Finger Wheel Finish Sander-220G


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NEW LOWER PRICE! Improved manufacturing methods have allowed us to decrease the price of our Finger Wheel finish sander!  The Finger Wheel€ works great when you are finish sanding any kind of shaped wood, especially Intarsia. When you do the rough shaping with a disc, belt or any other kind of sanding medium that has the tendency to leave lines or ridges go straight to this 220 grit finishing wheel and before you know it your ready to apply your finish! The long lasting 1/8 inch€ strips are designed to GENTLY finish sand your wood shape without CHANGING the basic shape you have established. The wheel has over 1500 strips times 1725 motor RPM equals almost 3 million gentle swipes per minute to your workpiece! Fits RH (right hand side) of our GWSC motor.

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