About Seyco

Who is Seyco…?

In 1985 Ray Seymore started Seyco Sales a Texas-based “Scroll Saw Specialty” company focused on and specializing in quality scroll saws and supplies for scroll sawers. In the late 80’s Seyco introduced the first finger-operated “Quick-Clamp” blade clamps since the 1800s. In 1992 the business was incorporated as “Seyco, The Scroll Saw Specialists, INC.”From the beginning, Seyco provided Excalibur brand scroll saws for their customers across America. Ray worked closely with ” Sommerville Manufacturing and Design”(manufacturers of Excalibur saws) As USA warranty service and parts representative, In 2003 Sommerville sold the Excalibur Scroll Saws and provided their Seyco Support Services not only for Seyco customers but other dealers as the Excalibur Scroll Saw’s Popularity grew in the US and European markets. In late 2015 and early 2016 Excalibur’s discontinuance of shipping to dealers and Seyco’s search for a suitable product, and replacement resulted in the opportunity to contract the manufacture of our own Seyco Brand Scroll saw. The result is the sought-after American developed Seyco ST-21 Scroll Saw with the completely re-designed precision swing blade tilt system to eliminate the instabilities of the antiquated rack and pinion tilting system. Seyco’s 35-plus years of experience with the link drive scroll saw design enables us to provide our customers with the very best scroll saw possible backed by our highly trained customer support staff.