SEYCO offers top quality blades by Olson and OnLine. All blades are guaranteed to perform at the highest level or you can arrange to return them for an even exchange. Our goal is to maintain a constant inventory and rarely are we out of any type or size but in the event you order blades we are out of we will contact you and offer a possible suitable substitute.

WHICH IS THE CORRECT BLADE TO USE? When it comes to blade selection, the best and most effective method is EXPERIENCE ! You can ask 5 craftspeople which blade to use and you will likely get 5 totally different answers. OUR BEST SUGGESTION is that you have a variety of blades at your disposal for experimentation. Try them on your projects in your materials with your saw and determine which size or type that you are most comfortable with and you will have your answers with a minimum investment in both blades and time. We offer the SAMPLER PAKS below for your experimentation. The assortments (our choice) are guaranteed to give you a true “sampling” and AT SUPER SAVER PRICES!