DS-01 Flex Drum Sander Kit (For Your Motor)


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GET INFLATABLE DRUM SANDER RESULTS AT A FRACTION OF THE COST. Use our amazing “FLEX DRUM” sander to shape your INTARSIA projects or any project that calls for shaping or a “Rounded Over” effect. Special design arbor clamps to your 1725 RPM 1/2″ or 5/8″ motor shaft or use the 1/2″ adapter shaft to fit your drill press. 2 3/8″ diameter X 7″ length. Each “FLEX DRUM” kit comes complete with arbor & 2 padded sanding sleeves (1 – 80 grit and 1 – 120 grit). The padded sanding sleeve easily slides onto the arbor with it’s grips that prevent slippage.

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