Model 70-105: 10″ x 18″ Mini Lathe


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Model 70-105: 10″ x 18″ Mini Lathe • MT2 Taper For Pen Mandrels • Easy Speed Change • 10″ Swing / 18″ Between Centers • Nylon Face Plate Washer • Self Ejecting Tail Stock • Ability To Add Multiple Extensions. 10” x 18” Lathe #70-105 was designed specifically at the request of pen turners who wanted a sturdy, dedicated machine for their craft. This scaled-down, basic mini lathe is constructed of cast iron so vibration is not a factor, unlike other lathes made of aluminum. 5 Speed ranges cover the bases for boring barrel holes, roughing out pen billets, turning to shape and finishing. Lathe includes a live center, tool rest, knock-out bar, and wrenches.

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Weight 1280 oz
Dimensions 33 × 12 × 17 in


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